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At Experientials, we revolutionize the Airbnb experience by providing hosts with premium, sustainable products that delight guests and foster memorable stays. Our curated gift boxes, filled with samples from top brands, enhance the guest experience and drive brand engagement.

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Unlock the power of direct consumer engagement with our comprehensive sampling and user-generated content (UGC) solutions. Place your products directly into the hands of Airbnb guests, encouraging trial and fostering brand loyalty. Participate in Experientials content events for guaranteed UGC videos and leverage our extensive network of over 1,000 influencers for impactful content creation.


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 Explore an array of premium products from our extensive network of over 30 trusted partners. From top-notch kitchen essentials to luxurious bedroom comforts, our partners offer an unparalleled selection to enhance your hosting experience

  • Laundry Sauce

  • Skin And Senses

  • Cymbiotika

  • Hydra Powders

  • Terra & Co

  • Tosi Snacks

  • Zolli Candy

  • Bido