Authentic Content Days

Transform Your Brand with Authentic User Generated Content.

Create Authentic Experiences

Elevate your brand with authentic user-generated content through Experientials UGC Days. For just $1,000 per brand, you'll receive a comprehensive package that includes a professional model, expert hair and makeup, trendy wardrobe, a versatile location, and tailored talking points. This all-inclusive setup ensures that every piece of content produced is polished and aligned with your brand's identity.

Comprehensive Deliverables

Our deliverables consist of three high-quality edited UGC videos with full usage rights, three natural and engaging iPhone UGC photos, and a behind-the-scenes (BTS) recap video of the content creation day. The edited videos capture your brand's essence, while the iPhone photos are perfect for social media, showcasing your products in a relatable and spontaneous manner. The BTS video adds an extra layer of authenticity, giving your audience a genuine look at the process.

Why Choose Experientials UGC Days?

Choosing Experientials UGC Days means opting for authenticity, quality, and efficiency. Our user-generated content features real people and real reactions, resonating deeply with your audience. The content is professionally produced yet maintains a genuine feel, making it highly effective for various platforms and campaigns. With a one-day shoot, you receive comprehensive deliverables that can be adapted to different brand aesthetics and messaging.

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